Wednesday, October 10, 2007

[TIPS] how's THIS for cool?

I'm not much for Twitter, but today I opened it to read that Chris Lehmann (Principal at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA) had posted, "I've got a chat room in skype. Skype me to join." No reason why, but what the heck. I skyped him and joined the conversation. In the room were people from around the world, the one being from Australia. As they talked it was clear that they were watching a class somewhere. When I asked, they said that it was a live broadcast on I went over there and logged in and there I was, watching his class. His camera alternated from showing him to showing his class as he asked various questions about what they thought this teachnology (I think I'll let that typo slide this time) meant to them. There was a chat in that live stream page, as well.

You follow this? I get alerted to the event by a twit (No, not Chris.. his MESSAGE on twitter, which is then called a twit.) I joined a skype chat where I learn of a live stream of his class. Not only is he broadcasting that class out to the world, but we've got audience members from around the world there to contribute.

I could point you to the recorded session, but that's not the point. The point is how it happened. How I was alerted to it. How he broadcasted his class to the world (with signed release forms in hand and no last names mentioned) And all that for free.

Now, roll that around in your head for a little bit. Where is it taking you? I hope it excites you as it did me.

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timlauer said...

Hey Jim,
I saw this too, but did not have a chance to drop in. Thanks for the write up... yes, pretty cool...