Monday, October 22, 2007

[TIPS] gabcast - just too cool!

As you MAY be aware, I was a co-presenter on the k12onlineconference again this year. ( While the video on my particular part (part 2) had some issues (all my own fault) it's now up and running. But that's not what this is about. This is about the way that Wes Fryer  ( provided his personal feedback on the presentations. He used a blog and the site called gabcast ((

He PHONED his feedback in to gabcast which then went to his blog that he set up for this. Check it out here:

How does this sound to you? The kids have just turned in their splashcast or slideshare projects on your class wiki. You want to provide feedback. You grab the phone and call in your feedback just like Wes did here. Hmmm... I guess we'd have to see if you could just send the feedback to a student and not have it be public in case you wanted to say something that wasn't entirely complimentary. But, how about a teacher blog that talks about the day and the assignments - created by phoning in your posts.

This stuff is just SO COOL!!!

Many thanks to Wes for taking the time to provide the feedback.

Oh, and if you want to SEE my presentation instead of just listening to it, you may want to wait a bit as Wes struggles to convert it.

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ccapozzoli said...

Hi Jim,
Cap here. I turned a few teachers on to gabcast. One French teacher will be using it for her AP French class. they will be expected to call into her channel to read and record specific written text from various sources. She will then play the recordings back to the students during class to have them review their French communication skills. She is excited about this opportunity for her students who are often reluctant to speak the new language during class. they can now record and drop her questions from anywhere!! so cool!
Thanks!!! I love it.