Sunday, October 21, 2007

[TIPS] Flat Classroom Project

Over 100 students from seven classrooms around the world are using sites like ning, and wikispaces, and others to begin work on a large wiki. I want you to stop what you're doing and check this out. Make sure you watch the videos on this page:

Then make sure you take a look at the calendar page and the topics page:

Now, compare this to the fact that in some schools that I KNOW of in Pennsylvania, there exists a policy to block all blogs (where I learned of this project) and all wikis (where this project is being built) and all collaborative sites (like Skype and ning where the students are communicating with each other.) Then, if you can, write a board policy that is designed to convince the parents in those districts that it's in the best educational interests of those students that they NOT be able to see them.

Go ahead. Take your time. I'll be here. If you come up with a convincing argument I'd LOVE to hear it. 

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Julie Lindsay said...

Hi Jim
Thanks for your positive comments and support! Yes, we are very exciteed to contune to use and develop approriate Web 2.0 tools for classroom and student use. I am particulalry pleased that ehre, in Qatar, in the middle of the middle east I am able to access these tools with no fuss whereas in the western world, who could be ahead and lead the way, there are pockets of resistance. Are we trying to educate or isolate?
Julie Lindsay