Wednesday, October 31, 2007

[TIPS] edubloggercon at PETE&C

There are many Education bloggers in Pennsylvania. For me to name a few would be to risk insulting those who I don’t name, but if you read blogs then you probably already know many of them. I’ve learned MUCH from these folks, as have you, I’m certain. They tackle some of the toughest issues facing Education today, and they share SO MUCH of what they have learned with the rest of us. Some blog for themselves. Others blog with students. Some do both. Some write excellent blogs that are not visible in their own school districts because their filtering policy blocks them, and they fight the same battle that many of us fight. But, the bottom line is that Pennsylvania is blessed to have MANY talented and generous teacher/bloggers in our ranks.

If you’re planning to attend the state technology conference (PETE&C) in February, and you’re a blogger, or a blog reader, or someone who just wants to know more about them, then why not come early to meet with fellow educators and bloggers and participate in some brainstorming sessions, and other workshops designed for the education bloggers. The date is Saturday, Feb 9th from noon until 5:00pm. Then, since you’ll be here for Saturday, why not sign up for a pre-conference session or two on Sunday? There are some excellent options. More information here when they are announced:

There is no additional conference cost to attend the blogger pre-conference session on Saturday, although you’ll have to get the motel room for Saturday night.

Here’s how to let us know you’re coming. Join this wiki: and add your name and blog address to the Attending page: This blog is just getting started, so if you’ve got an idea for a session or would like to facilitate a session, add that information in the appropriate page, as well.

Ken Pruitt ( and will be in charge of this event. If you have trouble joining the wiki or if you want more information about the event, contact Ken at: krpuitt at

We hope to make this the first in a LONG line of “edublogger” events at the conference. There is SO much we can learn and share. I hope to see you there!


Yes, I KNOW that there is another EdubloggerCon scheduled for the Eastern Region of the country in January. It’s to be held in Philly. But, it’s a three day conference. If you can’t make that one then this is the one for you. We’re hoping that the two can join forces next year at the conference.


Anonymous said...

Jim - in trying to sign up for the blogging event I am asked for a CAIU user name and password for all links. How do we get around that?

S Shellenhamer

Jim Gates said...

Very odd. THere isn't anything there that's even related to the IU.

It doesn't even appear that you need to ,,, wait.... I'll bet this is another case of outlook making a screwy url. I'll check that out.

Try again from these links.