Sunday, October 21, 2007

[TIPS] chinesepod - wow!

OK, so I'll admit that this isn't high on my radar so you may laready know about it. but, if you're looking to learn Chinese then this is a great place to start. Free podcasts to learn Chinese.

Another cool thing is how I learned about it. I am just trying to close down my computer for the night when someone who I met in one of my grad classes at Bloomsburg skyped me (text chat version) to ask about something else. He's sitting in a session at a conference - yes, at 10:30 PM Easter time! - and someone was talking about that site.

In looking around on other sites he told me ( about I found this question, "What do YOU believe about learning?" I can tell you that what I believe about it - with my blogs and learning network - is SIGNIFICANTLY different from what someone else would belive who does NOT have such a network.

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