Friday, October 19, 2007

[TIPS] check out THIS class

Once again, Darren Draper shows us a GREAT class he taught with folks from around the world. It was an OPEN professional development class with a bunch of folks who were able to contribute and participate using some of the outstanding tools on the web.

Watch this video: (You may have to click the first icon in the list below the live viewer to see the recorded session)

Read his 'take' on the event here:

Now... THINK about this! What do we need to do to make this happen for us in the regular classrooms? Who do we need to convince of the power of this technology? What sort of professional development can we create to get our teachers going on it? (Hint: USE THE TOOLS!)

I'm about to start teaching a college course (I think) on tech integration. I CAN"T WAIT!! I want to see their heads spinning and see them jumping up and down with renewed excitement about the classroom dynamics. I want to invite others in to our classes on occassion and I want to help them develop a learning network and begin to LOVE learning all over again. This will be FUN!

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Darren Draper said...


This class was absolutely amazing for three reasons:

1. The technology was easy to use and worked perfectly.

2. The software that made it all possible was free (once you've got an Internet-connected computer with a webcam, you're good to go).

3. The participation of teachers from around the world made this a class I will never forget. It truly opened my eyes and those of the teachers involved.

I hope this is the first of many such professional development classes because as teachers learn to employ such techniques into their teaching, our students will be all the better off.