Monday, October 01, 2007

[TIPS] bubbleguru

Thanks to Cheryl "Cap" for sharing this with me. allows you to record yourself in a 20 second video (in the free version) nd post that video in a little bubble that appears on your web page. If you scroll down the page the bubble follows you, as well. VERY cool!

In the free version you get to make one video and it can be streamed (viewed) 1000 times.

Check out their site for their demo.

TIP: Make sure you have good lighting before you record your video.

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Joe Thibault said...

Hey Jim,
Not sure if you caught this in the news: YouTube now hosts content from UC Berkeley (embeddable in Moodle!).
The GC blog has links to both the TechCrunch article and ijohnpederson blog...both great sites!