Monday, October 29, 2007

[TIPS] anti-bullying video

I was catching up on my professional development this evening (yes, my blogroll) and I skimmed over a lengthy blog post by Wes Fryer ( who was live-blogging a presentation at a conference somewhere. He must type 200 wpm and be able to parallel process the art of listening and typing. The blog post was HUGE!

But, he repeated some statistics about the effects of bullying in our schools and then mentioned that htey were watching a video that was done to the tune of  "Don't Laugh At Me." I looked on YouTube and there it was. Show this to your students and then have them write in their journal about a time when someone said something that hurt their feelings, or a time when they hurt the feelings of anohter person and now regret it.

Can't see the movie? Paste that url into this page: and click add. Then choose an output file type and supply your email address. Watch it upload (scroll down a bit) and in a few minutes you'll get an email from zamzar saying that it's done. Click the link and it'll download to your desktop. Can't get to zarzar either? Start looking for a job in another district. :-)

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