Tuesday, October 02, 2007

[TIPS] alternative to Slide

Many of us have been saddened to learn that our school is blocking slide.com. Too bad. It does a nice job in making slideshows of our pictures. But, alas, there is some stuff on the site that makes it less then desirable for use in school.

But, you say you still have a need to display a slideshow? You say that rockyou.com won't work? Well, try http://splashr.com

What makes this a nice alternative is that it doesn't save any presentations so you won't stumble on inappropriate material. It's just the tool to facilitate the flickr mashup.

I've had a sample posted on my blog for some time. http://splashr.com/show/leaves/77419347@N00/cabin/25

So, if slide gets blocked, try splashr.

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