Monday, September 17, 2007

[TIPS] yugma - the internet is more amazing every day


This is the first I’ve heard of this program, although I understand that others have been blogging about it. (I guess if a blog post it too long I don’t read it.) Anyway.. yugma (pronounced YOOgma – darn I wish they’d find better names) is an amazing, f-r-e-e app that allows you to share desktops with up to ten users at a time. And there is a skype version that is just amazing.


Create an account with yugma and install the software. Log in and create a session. You can then either invite people in from your skype contact list or via an email. There are cool markup tools, too. You can even switch presenters so that you can see the OTHER person’s desktop, too.


I’m teaching a class online and folks will occasionally comment that they don’t see a certain screen, or this button isn’t there, or that field isn’t there, etc. This will allow me to see their screens – for free.


Now, I also understand that Draper has been talking about this in his blog and talking about he plans to use it for professional development. My apologies, Darren, for not reading that post earlier. He also talked about and that’s where I stopped reading. My fault.


But, this changes things. The premium version, with all the cool tools, for up to 10 users at a time is $99.50/yr. For 100 users it’s $699.50/yr. If you’re a tech department looking to get a VERY easy to use solution for delivering short professional development sessions, this should be looked at long and hard.


Oh, and if anyone downloads it and wants to try it out with me, I’m jimkathy808. (Was that a stupid thing to post, just now?)




Darren Draper said...

Hey Jim,

I'm afraid I only caught the first half of your post. Were you trying to tell me something?


Darren Draper said...

Just kidding, Jim!

I'm with you, long posts are a pain - but then again, I'm as guilty as anyone! : )

Yugma is great! I still wonder about having 50 people connected through Skype - does the Skype quality go down with more users?

Kristin Hokanson said...

@darrendraper :)
I think Skype maxes out at 20 and even then the quality is shaky...
Will be interested to follow as these tools grow more and more powerful
Thanks for the tip Jim..