Thursday, September 13, 2007

[TIPS] vuvox - WOW!

I’ve had this one on my list to check out for a while. Many thanks to Kevin Conner for sending this to me via the for:jgates513 tag on – RUSH there now to try it out. And, if you’re reading this on the mailing list, go to my blog to see the one I just created in 3 minutes time. Or, just click this link to see it:

First of all it was tons of fun to make, as their options are outstanding. Second, they give you the ability to email it to someone, get a regular link for it (as I posted above), or the code to embed, as I did on my blog. If you’ve got pictures up on flickr or some of the other photo sites you can get the images from there. I had to get the feed for my pictures instead of logging in to select the images. That can be good or bad, I suppose. The good part is that this slideshow will always show the latest images. The bad part is that those latest images are going to be public, so I’d best remember that as I upload them.

When you make one, send me YOUR link. I’d LOVE to see what you created.

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