Thursday, September 13, 2007

[TIPS] Turning Kids into book lovers - part II


A while back I sent this link out (courtesy of ASCD newsletter) that was part I of this story of how a teacher turned her 6th graders into powerful readers. Here’s a short comment from this follow-up article:


“We must go back to what builds readers in the first place: reading out loud to them; letting them read with a friend, an audio tape, or a podcast; reinforcing that reading is pleasurable and social; removing the pressure and risk by deemphasizing comprehension tests and reports; and finally, accepting that some students, both boys and girls, will never innately value reading as enjoyable”


Send both of these articles to your favorite reading teacher. Wouldn’t it be great if hundreds more schools turned their kids on to reading by following this one teacher’s methods. Dare we dream… maybe thousands more schools?

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