Sunday, September 02, 2007

[TIPS] That's it!! We have to ban football games~

This is the last straw. We've TOLD the students that the football games were NOT a place to be rowdy nor a place to do things that might embarass the school. This is a school sponsored event, and the kids can't be doing things that will reflect poorly on the district. (That's why we don't allow blogging, you know. The kids might say something there that will embarass the district.)
Well NOW look what we're going to have to do - BAN football games! Yes, it's true. Why? Well, a student in Ohio put colored pieces of paper on the seats in the stadium and word spread that if the fans held up the pieces of paper it would spell, "Go Darby." Instead, it spelled, "We ****." If I spelled it then this would get caught in the filters. You'll have to go here to read for yourself. 
See? This is JUST the kind of stuff that we THOUGHT would happen if we let kids attend the games like regular people. We're going to have to block.. er.. BAN football games, now. If we cant trust to kids to use the tools... I mean..  attend the games without doing things to embarass us, then we just won't have them at all. Never mind that the OVERWHELMING majority of kids DO use the game events wisely. Never mind that the athletes get to show their skills to authentic audiences. NO SIR!
You KNOW what this means, don't you? All it would take would be ONE student to do something like this to give blogging.. er.. sorry.. FOOTBALL a bad name and now schools all over the country will be banning them.
You heard it here first.


Tim said...

Ban football!!???!? Football is the whole justification for the existence of high school!!! How on earth would students learn teamwork and leadership skills except on the field of battle? What will motivate students to come to school on Fridays if we didn't have pep rallies? And what reason could there possibly be for a music program without half time shows?


Nice little bit of sarcasm, Jim. I will have to show this at our "internet safety" meeting this week. Some of the people there won't get it.

Jennifer Carrier Dorman said...

Fantastic post!

kenrodoff said...

I don't think we need to ban football. Perhaps just a filtering device to insure that students can not access any materials that might inspire impromptu shananigans.

Question, if the suspended student blogs about his suspension, would he be violating his school's AUP policy?