Sunday, September 23, 2007

[TIPS] MySpace vs High Stakes Testing

I just received an email from a teacher whose 8th grade students just finished two days of testing. You know.. THE tests. She first commented on how wound up they were when the tests were over and FINALLY having a chance to unwind. But then she mentioned that it was common knowledge among the 8th graders that the writing prompts were being shared all over MySpace.
For all the outside pressures that 'education' has seen in an effort to get it to change, we may find that History will speak of how the kids and their use of technology was what REALLY forced a drastic change from within.

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Tim said...

You're right, Jim, that the most pervasive force for change is the kids. And not just in education. However, I'm afraid that reforming teaching and learning will still come slowly as too many adults want to hold on to the traditional structure and curriculum.

Or maybe I'm just being too pessimistic. :-)