Friday, September 14, 2007

[TIPS] If you honk for peace, don't tell anyone

Here is a teacher who told her class that she honks for peace. Someone took exception to that - for some reason - and the teacher was fired. The lower courts ruled that teachers have no right of free speech. HUH?
Maybe I misread that. Let's say I did. But, why in the WORLD would anyone complain about a teacher making that comment. My thoughts? It's all about politics. Have you ever known this nation to be so polarized by politics? Maybe it wasn't about politics. Maybe.
Oh, she's taking her case to the Supreme Court. It'll be interesting to see how this conservative court will rule on this, in light of all the other political incidents in our courts lately.
So, honk for peace - but don't tell anyone.

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Dave said...

Jim -

You mean you haven't been "Honking for War" lately?!? How un-patriotic of you!

(and yes, I'm being facetious!)