Wednesday, September 12, 2007

[TIPS] animoto - amazing

If this site doesn't blow your mind then ... NOTHING will. I first saw it on the k12onlineconference site. Someone made a short intro movie for their upcoming presentation, and they used this site. You upload your images and it makes the most incrdible visuals with them. You HAVE to check it out. Play the demo on the animoto site, or go to the site and play the second life movie. What great fun!! One thing, though - I can't get it to play in wikispaces. Wikispaces doesn't like the code.

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kenrodoff said...

I am "in love" (physical, nothing else) with animoto. I am using it to up my opening for Back To School Night. A lot more "entertaining" than my frumpy 'ol PowerPoint.

Good luck finding meaningful integration w/ students, but I do have one idea: the order of the photos. Students are given a theme from, oh, say Lord of the Flies, and they need to capture their own digital snapshots and then upload them to animoto.

From there, let the shuffling begin. Students need to carefully order the images to deftly convey the theme in the order in which it is examined throughout the novel*

*one glich: TV Production teachers will tell us that if the students had gone through the process of story-boarding up front, then the shuffling of images would not have to occur.

Whatever, right???

I have a sample I made for BTS Night on my blog/
Animoto away!