Monday, September 17, 2007

Attention Blogger - Remove the Next Blog tag!

OK. Done. One word from me is all it should take, right?

The issue: the "Next Blog" link at the top of the blogs in Blogger are the reason that some schools cite for blocking ALL blogger blogs. There IS a way to block that at the firewall, as detailed here: They say that the firewall administrator should enter: into the rules and all is solved. But, that means that every district's network admin will have to do that. Wouldn't it be a TON simpler to make that an option on the template page? Of COURSE it would.

Wouldn't you think that with all the staff and all the money that Google has, and with all the requests that they get (you should check out the Group Help area - OY!) that they would make this easy change? It's a violation of the TOS to remove that nav bar completely, apparantly, but it's OK to force the rest of the world to add a filtering policy to address their issue? I don't get it.

If YOU would like them to remove that show-stopping 'feature' from their templates, let them know here:

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