Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Twitters and Memes

I can't help it. I just don't get Twitter. I know that there are lots of cool add-ons to twitter that make following your friend's every move much easier. But, I don't WANT to follow ANYONE's every move. It's WAYYYY too connected for my taste. Obviously, I just don't get it, eh? So, don't look for me on twitter.

And, while it's flattering to be tagged for a meme, to me it smacks of chain mail and not a very good use of bandwidth. :-)

So, while I'm flattered about being tagged, I won't be participating. Please dont hate me for being an old curmudgeon. I'm old. It comes with the territory. Ask Ken. :-)


Tom McGee said...

Is there an echo in here?
Jim, don't sweat it! I don't get it either... what's next, a video cam that follows us everywhere like that movie Ed TV? I hate to say this to twittering people, but c'mon guys, get a life!

Rick Weinberg said...

Jim and Tom,
I didn't get Twitter either until people were telling me what they were doing in their professional lives. Good blogging starts with reading and when people I respect "tweet" about a good blog post, website or video I check it out. Twitter is becoming one of those tools that I use to get information from my learning network, just like I check out this blog when something new is posted. I talk a bit about this on my blog.

Jim Gates said...

I suppose. I mean, I suppose if I was willing to filter out the chatter and noise that I would find some interesting things. I tried! I really did. Just maybe not long enough. I mean, when I was in college it took me a full six pack before I got used to the taste of Schlitz. :-)