Tuesday, August 28, 2007

[TIPS] teen fined for posting video of teacher



It was going to happen, wasn’t it? A student records a teacher doing something and posts it on YouTube. It gets seen by hundreds and the teacher is harassed as a result. The student is fined.


It makes me wonder what will come of the student who recorded a friend of his calmly walking to the windows of his classroom, and taking his good old time crawling out – all while the teacher worked at the board. It also makes me wonder WHO should be getting in trouble.


Thanks to Lee C for sharing this.


Evan said...

What I wonder is what kind of evil teacher would sue his student? Probably not a teacher who likes kids very much, which makes me wonder why he is teaching in the first place.

People all over the world need to lighten up, eh?

Jim Gates said...

Well, from what I can tell this teacher suffered a great deal of harassment after the video was posted. I was probably less of an, "I hate kids" lawsuit than it was a, "That prank caused me great deal of humiliation and suffering" lawsuit. I'm sure there are two sides to it - and we may never truly know the two sides.