Tuesday, August 28, 2007

[TIPS] Moodle classes - Come and Get 'em!

Globalclassroom.us (or globalclassroomusa.org) want to give away 200,000 (You read that right) moodle classes to your teachers. The link is at the bottom of this post.


Think about what this means, potentially. Around the world there will be teachers creating content. Using Moodle it will be collaborative, content-centered playgrounds for your students. Not only your students, but students from around the world. You’ve got students in Africa (which, according to some of the recent speakers at Ted is the next HUGE market) with $100 laptops who are hungry for the education that so many of the world’s students take for granted.


I can’t give too many details here or this email will be flagged as.. you know what. (The sp*m word) J But, DO go here: http://globalclassroom.us/m/register/teachers.php to register for your free Moodle class – while supplies last. This is HUGE!! It’s doing for moodles in education as Wikispaces did for wikis in education.



You should know that I teach a course for this organization. However, my motivation for telling you this is truly to spread the word about the free moodle classes.  Tell your teacher friends!

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