Sunday, August 05, 2007

[TIPS] Look at what's happening in Dubai

This is it! After I send this I'm going to get up from here and go play, or something. But seriously, did you know that 24% of the world's cranes (contruction type not bird type) are in Dubai? Neither did I. Wait until you watch this series of videos about the amazing growth in that area.  When one video ends you can start the next one. Do that.  You won't believe what has been happening over there is just the last four or five years. This is the GE (General Electric) site, and the narrators of the videos work for GE. Ignore that, if you wish, but DO watch and listen to the amazing story of the growth in that part of the world.
America needs a wakeup call. The world hasn't been sitting still while we're busy.. with other things. The country and the WORLD that our children are inheriting are FAR different from what WE inherited and worked in. The race is ON, and we're still arguing over whether or not our students can read the blog (don't panic!) that pointed me to that video or to some of the other great resources we've seen. We've still got gatekeepers in our schools who block everything that hints of being a blog. It is time for those people to get out of the way! There is FAR too much at stake.


Jennifer Carrier Dorman said...

Wow - that video was actually scary (if you consider the implications). I posted a response on my blog. Did you know that Halliburton moved its headquarters to Dubai? Scary.

Anonymous said...

With Dubai being so much in the news lately, I hope folks have taken note as to WHY it has been in the news. The kind of progress taking part in other parts of the world is why we in the U.S, should be concerned about becoming irrelevant in the future.

You can link to my initial reaction over on my blog. Click Shift Happening in Dubai below.

Rick Weinberg said...

Jim, You have been officially tagged by me. This is the 8 random things meme. You are one of the blogs I constantly read so here you go.