Wednesday, August 22, 2007

[TIPS] Letterpop! - WOW!

The WOW in the subject refers, in part, to the fact that I heard about this site while listening to the WOW2 broadcast last night. Ive now found my Tuesday nights professional development. WOW2 stands for Women Of the Web 2.0. Outstanding! Its a great group of women with great topics, and great conversation. As part of their weekly broadcast they each share their WOW site a site that theyve recently learned about that makes them say WOW! Go hear to check out the archives of past episodes and to see the schedule of upcoming events. You can subscribe to it, as well!

Where was I? Oh yes... letterpop. This site was mentioned by one of the WOW2 speakers last night, but I dont recall who it was, now. Hats off to her, anyway. is a VERY easy to use site that lets you make wonderful newsletter with multiple pages, if you wish. And, if youve got your pictures on Flickr you can link to them and drag and drop them right onto the page. On some templates you can even drag the images to the other side of the page (see page two on my sample) to alter the layout.

This is a great site for so many things. Dont have a flickr account? GET ONE!!

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