Friday, August 17, 2007

[TIPS] Google Gadgets on your wiki or web page

Im sure this is coming as no surprise to many folks, but I didnt make the connection until just moments ago. I knew that you could put google gadgets on your desktop, but did you know that you can also put them on your web page or wiki?

There are hundreds of them from which to choose, and they are sorted by category. Some samples include a stock chart, or weather modules, or clocks, rss readers, YouTube players and search fields, mp3 players, pointers to Picassa web albums, your google calendar or links to your google docs, games (including Mario and Bejewled!), converters, and SO much more. Even flickr plugins and Flickr is owned by Yahoo!

Teachers: Looking for a way to draw your students to your web page? Youd get ME coming back if you had Bejeweled on there somewhere. J

To add a plugin to your Wikispaces wiki, you first select the plugin you want. On the next page is a description of it. Click the button to Add to Your Website. On the next page you will be given the chance to modify it. Some only allow you to modify the colors and others let you specify much more. When youre done with your customizations, click the Get Code button and the code will appear below. Copy and paste it into the appropriate place on your page or wiki and its yours!

Y gotta LUV this stuff, eh?


For those who haven't done this in wikispaces, you click the blue "TV" icon in the toolbar that says, "Insert media." Paste the code in there, Preview it, then save it.


Dianne K. said...

Thanks for this! I've already embedded Google's French Word a Day into my 'teacher wiki'.

Durff said...

That is how to add a plug in to PBwiki, but I do not see it on wikispaces-can you point it out?

Jim Gates said...

Get the code for the gadget. In wikispaces you will add it just as you embedded the other objects like the slideshare, etc. Just click the Blue TV (as I describe it for the newbies) that says "Embed Media." Paste, Preview, and save.

Anonymous said...

I put cluster map on my edublogs, no problem. But my pbworks wiki doesn't seem to recognize the embed text. Help?

Jim Gates said...

Well, it's tough to know how to troubleshoot that without more information. A quick question, tho - did you happen to copy the same code you used on your edublogs to put in the PBWorks wiki? If so, I'm betting that's your trouble. Make a fresh clustrmap.