Thursday, August 02, 2007

[TIPS] fast calculator

Youre sitting at your desk and you need to do a quick calculation. IN this case, I needed to multiply 101* .485. I was using firefox, but it doesnt matter if youve got the Google toolbar installed on your browser. I just typed: 101*.485 in the search field and ... The result=48.98500 came right up. For help on this and other things you can do in that search field, check out this page:

Check out this video for some other very cool search tricks:

Think about this google is on many cell phones, too, right?

I suppose you could do this in the Yahoo toolbar as well, but Im boycotting that one since it installs itself BY DEFAULT when you install some other software, like Adobe Acrobat Reader, for example. NOTHING should be installed by default, IMHO, so I boycott them. (Well, except for Flickr, which is a Yahoo-owned site)

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