Wednesday, August 15, 2007

[TIPS] Bloglines looking toward the future

This article from the Bloglines news blog got me thinking:

The article says, "I've been busy the last couple of months working with the team to define our next major releases. We've been talking to Blogliners and charting the next generation version of feed readers. "

I DO hope that in their next release they ABANDON that @#$%^&* image wall! I'll say it again, it serves NO PURPOSE, but it IS reason for some districts to BLOCK bloglines altogether.



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Tim said...

The image wall shouldn't be an issue as far as blocking is concerned since the company moved it off to a completely separate domain (not even a subdomain). But many of our middle and high schools block the site for other reasons along the lines of RSS feeds being a distraction for students.

However, I agree that the wall is not something I would put in front of students without a very specific purpose. The random nature of the pictures just reinforces the danger-will-robinson view that too many parents and educators already have of the web in general.