Wednesday, August 15, 2007

[TIPS] Apple IIe's - alive and... well?

I swear this is true...

Yesterday (or.. maybe it was this morning.. oh my...) in a workshop I was giving to some PA librarians, one woman reported that she worked in a school district not far from here that still had APPLE IIe computers in use in the district!

At first I said, "Well, they sure got their money's worth out of THOSE machines, eh?" But, I couldn't help but think that by those machines still sitting there it spoke VOLUMES about that district's view on the role of technology in their curriculum. Doesn't it? Apple IIe's? Even if they're teaching keyboarding there is no excuse. I'm STILL in shock!

Someone needs to show those folks the video. You know.. THE video. Don't you know? Or should I say, "Did you Know?" :-)

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