Thursday, August 02, 2007

[TIPS] 5min - How to make your papers longer - Video

::sigh:: If people would spend half as much time DOING the work instead of looking for ways to get OUT of the work.

This video shows students how to increase the length of a paper simply by changing the point size of the periods! Changing a period from a 12 pt to a 14 pt doesn’t significantly change the size of the period to the naked eye, but what it DOES do is increase the height of the line, thus increasing the space between them. So, a 4.5 page paper becomes a 5 pager, and the longer the paper the the more effective this trick becomes.

The guys not so smart, though. If he was REALLY clever he would be changing the size of the SPACES something that would REALLY be tough to figure out.

Show this to your English teachers. The way to see if your students have done this is to simply highlight a period or space in a paper and look to see what the point size is set to. Its easily detected but it takes time.

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Jim Gates said...

I just received a comment from someone who said the spaces thing I mentioned didn't work. I tried it. He was right.

So, maybe the guy WAS so smart after all, for choosing the period. Shows how smart *I* am, eh?

(Thanks, John G - high school senior. I wasn't trying to give you ideas, y' know!) :-)