Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Renewing your Do Not Call status

My Rep (Jerry Nailor) sends out email alerts from time to time. In today's alert he reminds us to renew our Do Not Call status. That's the status that tells telemarketers to NO CALL your number. Works great!!

But, did you know that it's only valid for 5 years at a time? I didn't know that, either. So, he had this link on his website: I went there and filled it in. Now I'm good for another five years of no telemarketers!!

Hurry. Enter YOUR phone number, too. (This is for PA residents only, BTW)

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Kristin Hokanson said...

is that the right URL? I got a screencast...nothing to fill in
I have moved and NEED to get off the call list

Jim Gates said...

It is NOW. I fixed it. Sorry for the wrong url.

Rick Weinberg said...

I learned to things from the same link. I download Jing for mac for free and I put my name on the do not call list. Thanks for both of these.

Shaun said...


Did you know that political calls, market research calls and non-profit calls are exempt from the federal DNC list?

Shaun Dakin
CEO and Founder, National Political Do Not Contact Registry