Thursday, August 23, 2007

Discovering the embedded code in wikispaces

This one is for the more techie folks who read this. Until this morning I hadn't known how to embed an RSS feed in my wikispaces wiki. (My wife calls them, 'Drippies'. She only HALF listens when I talk. :-) ) Once I was shown how to do that (thanks, Kurt), I immediately rushed over to add one to my last wiki - It was fine, but then I decided I wanted to edit that code.

The embedded code that I had typed in now shows up as the grey embedded code box, but when you click on the embed code tool you can't see the code, as you can when you embed, say, a slideshare. If you should ever get into that predicament, click the Text Editor button up there by the Save button. You can then see and edit the code.

You may have already thought of that. This, then, becomes a tip for .. the rest of us. :-)


Dominick Bellizzi said...

We're almost ready to roll out a new set of features that will make adding (and editing) RSS feeds easier.

Thanks for letting people know about the workaround,

Dom from Wikispaces

Michael Baker, Jr. said...


I love what you do. I've created a wiki for my school this year and I just setup an advanced podcasting server. My pilot this year will have teachers creating their own private classroom wiki and using the podcasting server to stream all audio, video and pdf content out to students and families. I think the wikispaces interface is so much easier than any LMS I've ever used and with uploading podcasts being as easy as attaching something to an email, I'm banking on this pilot being a great success. Your RSS feed and the hopes of an easier process makes me smile! I'm working with a group of people from PA to create in order to build an educational community. I would appreciate your input on the project. Thanks, Mike Baker

Jim Gates said...


Send me an email so I know how to get back in touch with you. I'd love to hear more about your project.