Monday, July 16, 2007

[TIPS] Thinking system and method invention

This one was on Rocketboom today. Someone has filed a patent application for. Drum roll a THINKING MACHINE! (cymbal crash!)

Heres what the site says about this machine:

      A thinking system and method is provided by the present invention. In the present invention, the “thinking” system is capable of accepting information from outside environment, analyzing the information, requesting additional information, and then resulting the problem. More particularly, the system can make new rules according to the information within the system and the new information received and requested. The rule making process is not controlled by outside command, but by an internal controlling mechanism that can be modified by the outside commands. Further, the system comprises a knowledge structure that can be used by the system for analyzing the inputted information, making request for additional information, making new rules, and solving problems, wherein the knowledge structure comprises element files include direct link information of the elements with other elements of the element files in the knowledge structure.”

No word on how much it will cost or how soon we can expect to equip our students with one so they wont have to think at all! In theory, then, ALL of our students will be able to get perfect scores on their SATs. Of course, like the calculators before them, it may take a couple of years before students will be able to use one when taking the test. J

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