Thursday, July 26, 2007

[TIPS] schoolcomputing - Wikis from Wikia - sample


Once again I don’t recall who sent this to me or where I found it so I apologize to whoever it was who first pointed this out to me to share. is a wiki site where you can create a free wiki. That’s not the real news here. I just wanted to point out that second link – the school computing wiki. There are three tons of links on here to some excellent sites and information. And you may contribute to it, if you wish. That’s what a wiki is all about.


But there are a couple of things I want to point out here. First, this is written, it appears to me, on mediawiki, the one that Wikipedia was built on. But, it’s skinable, as that second link shows. Up in the top right corner is a link to the Monobook skin. Try it – mediawiki, no? Second, when I’m in places like this and I see a link called, “Cool Web Sites” I click it. It’s fun to see what others call cool. Here’s one they posted: You may have seen this before in an email, but this is an excellent ‘movie’ version of the world as expressed in terms of a population of 100. Another is the ashesandsnow site that I had pointed to some time back. Or, this page of links ( for social studies games.


You could end up spending HOURS on this wiki.

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