Friday, July 06, 2007

[TIPS] Pennsound - Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing

Thanks to Sue S, again, for sharing this site. Heres one for your English teachers. Its the Center for Programs in Contemporary Wring at the University of *Pennsylvania. Hear poetry read by the authors and others. Check out the Anthologies area and in particular the Dada Sounds section. This may not be MY cup of tea, but Ill bet it would make for a great (threaded?) discussion with your upperclassmen. Have them listen to some of the work in the Stray Singles Index area and blog about them, perhaps. This is also well.. so much more.

My only frustration with the site is that it had so many file types, and I still dont have Real Player installed so I couldnt watch a couple of the movies. But, for the serious English class that is studying poetry, this site is a must-see.

* Anyone here remember watching the old Jiminy Cricket? Do you remember the song that he would sing about the Encyclopedia? E-nc-yc-lo-pediaaaaa. Well, thats how I learned how to spell Pennsylvania when I was a kid. It fit to the same tune and rhythm that Jiminy used for Encyclopedia. To this day, when I type or spell those words I mentally do so to that tune. I even type them to the rhythm. Er is that a sign of a sickness? J

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