Monday, July 16, 2007

[TIPS] A Moment On Earth Mosaic - see it NOW!

Hows THIS for a VERY cool idea? On a given day at a given time(s) you get photographers from around the world to document what was going on where they were. Then, you collect all this data and put it into an amazing mosaic. Trace your mouse over the mosaic to see popups of the photos below. Click a photo to read the story associated with it. Make sure you watch the trailers, too. Breathtaking! (The link to the second one is a tiny link under the first trailer.) The world at work, at play, at war, at rest. Outstanding. And to think that the films producers had to sell shave ice to raise money to make the film. I especially liked the one mans comment about there being so many creative people in the world. Indeed there are.

This site is chuck FULL of writing prompts, isnt it?

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