Monday, July 02, 2007

[TIPS] How to cut a hole in a 3x5 index card that you can fit through...

MANY thanks to Sherri M for sharing this one.

Can YOU cut a hole in a 3x5 note card large enough to crawl through? Robert Krampf can. Check it out. Don’t share this with your students until they return in the fall. He films an experiment of the week for his site. You HAVE to check out some of the others linked along the left side. Browse around this site. You’ll find LOTS of good things to do with your science classes, too.

Caution: For the younger, more invincible students, remind them NOT to try the tablecloth experiment on mom’s good china. J

My only question – why no feeds?

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Drussell said...

I do this experiment every year with my 7th graders. It drives them crazy! Then, after we "discover" the solution, I challenge them to go home and ask them to present this challenge to their parents. Get activity!