Friday, July 06, 2007

[TIPS] Gapminder - a MUST-SEE!

Thanks to Jaron F (how many Jarons do YOU know?) J for sharing a site with me that led me to Gapminder. Watch this video on Ted that features this VERY cool tool. This one is for your sociology teachers. Send it to them. Tie them down and MAKE them watch it. Theyll be glad you did. Then watch the one on the gapminder site itself: Youll get an idea of how that tool works. This is perhaps the BEST presentation Ive EVER seen and not one powerpoint-like slide. Watch for yourself.

The top link, however, is a direct link to a particular Presentation (More presentations found in the Left Nav area) that youll like. THAT  is the one that your sociology teachers will be bookmarking. Just watch the first one dealing with Income in the world. (Hint: were VERY lucky people to be living where we do.)

Enough talking. Go check them out!

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