Wednesday, July 11, 2007

[TIPS] creative commons video

OK.. this is what the bloggers at NECC complained about, but sometimes you HAVE to do this. They called it the vast echo chamber, where all the bloggers are saying the same thing. That may be true. Take THIS post, for example. First, I read about it here: and then here: I respect both these guys - they bought me beer at NECC.  :-) But, the point is that we've all got our circles or readers. Sometimes the circles overlap, sometimes they don't.
So, for those readers of my tips who do not read the other two, check out either of those links for a great video advocating the Creative Commons license. Very nice.
Consider this: we're now at a point where open source software has become so well accepted (As Steve Hargadon, speaking of the open source movement said at Edubloggercon, "We've already won",) and we've got the ever-growing creative commons license idea making the free exchange of ideas and creations so easy, while at the same time there is the very real threat to Internet neutrality from the giant cable companies and backbone owners that could severely limit our access to this information?

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Ken Pruitt said...

Ahh, but I was speaking about the application and Chris is pointing out the move towards sharing through CC.

Okay, so semantics doesn't change the fact that we like to give our take on the issue o' the day.

Now we can all respond about responding. :)