Friday, July 20, 2007

[TIPS] - a video aggregator

I found this one from the blog. Youll not get this one at school, but I do suggest you try it out at home.

In the search field under the initial (lame) video, type the word education, or math, or science and hit enter. That will search MANY different sites for videos tagged with that keyword and put the search results in a list underneath the video. You can cycle through the found videos by clicking the right arrow that appears when you hover over the video, or you can scroll through the list at the bottom. Or well youre smart enough to figure it out.

Dont forget that there are several firefox plugins that allow you to save the movie youre watching so that you can take it to school for your classes.

Check it out. Remember, as with any public site, there are folks using it whom you wish werent. J

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