Monday, July 23, 2007

How's this for MAJOR reform?

Thanks to Kevin Sandridge for pointing me to this page. Kevin is about to start his own blog and I'm anxious to become a reader. He's got the fire! He started here: but he's going to be moving to a new home soon. :-)

This post: talks about how one school in Norway went from being one that people fled to one that is turning people away because the school is full. What made the difference? Uh-uh. I won't tell. You have to read it for yourself. But, I'll tell you some things to look for. First, look at how they restructured TIME. Second, look at what they did with the physical space.

"Teaching had to now focus on the individual, on the pupil, using
computer technology as a prominent element of teaching and learning." And, "Active problem solving should be the preferred method of teaching and learning (much in the way that an element of extreme learning tackles learning)."

I'd LOVE to hear what parts of this reform resonate with you the most. Comment, anyone?

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