Saturday, June 30, 2007

Voice Thread in Action

Thanks to Joyce Valenza for setting this up after the edubloggercon in Atlanta. What a great idea - and a great website.

What I think is especially interesting about this application are the comments from the fourth person down the left side of that image. He was following the conference from Sydney Australia and he found this and left a comment. Let that idea roll around in your head a moment. Someone from around the world following the conference and being able to participate in it to some extent. I'm sure he was reading blog posts that had been tagged with necc2007 or necc07 or even the specific tags for some sessions he was interested in. We even had people sitting in the edubloggercon sessions who were skyping with others from... who-knows-where... and those folks were able to hear the conversations, too. Those folks could have been around the world, as well. Does that make you shake your head in wonder?

There are many teachers who would have NO IDEA that these sort of capabilities exist. For them the web is still a web page that you find when searching Google. Let's make sure that we help them to see what the web has become and help them to understand what it can now do for their classes.


Ben said...

Hi, my name is Ben and I am a Co- Founder of It is so great to see educators use our tool to communicate ideas with each other and their students.
As the parent of 2 young girls, a 4th grader and a 7th grader, I know how important your work is. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you all.

Thank you,


Jim Gates said...

I can add one thing that will get education to embrace your tool - have something in there that can flag inappropriate threads. DEducation leaders are fond of saying, "Our job is not to expose the kids to the web, it's to protect them FROM it." And, all it would take would be one person to post a nude and have his friends comment on it to get it blocked forever.

Those at NECC who saw this site were very excited about the possibilities. Here's hoping we get a chance to use it.

Congrqatulations on a GREAT idea!!

Durff said...

Count me in on the PA Edubloggercon! I vote for Feb 9th, the Saturday prior to the pre-conference activities.