Wednesday, June 06, 2007

[TIPS] keyboard shortcut for Firefox users

I just read this in another MacOSX tips blog, but it works in Windows, as well. What a life-saver it can be.

You’ve got multiple tabs open in Firefox and you start to close some, and in your haste you close one that you didn’t want to close. Recall that CTRL-T (or command-t on macs) makes a new tab. Add the shift key to the mix, shift-ctrl-t, or shift-command-t, and it puts that tab right back and you’re looking at the same site, too.

Try it. Open a bunch of tabs and put something in each. Then close one and press shift-ctrl-t. Presto! It’s back.


Karen Janowski said...

Thanks - this is one keyboard shortcut that I need!

dx-xel said...

yeahh..firefox keyboard shortcuts was really great...I've collection on them..