Friday, June 29, 2007

[TIPS] informationfluency presentation at NECC

I just have a moment to send this tip. I attended a workshop at NECC that was given by two fellow Pennsylvanians, Joyce Valenza and Ken Rodoff. It was terrific. SO many good ideas to share. Joyce and Ken presented from the above listed wiki, and you would do well to spend some time there. It’s got more good links than a 10 foot gold chain. You can even download their presentation.

Joyce is a librarian, with wonderful resources for both librarians and teachers. She’s steadfast in her insistence that the librarian’s job is even more important today than it was before the web, and her resources show it.

Ken is an English teacher and coach, and he shared some excellent ideas that he used with his English classes.

So, take your wireless-connected laptop out onto the back porch this evening and spend some time browsing and bookmarking their resources for next year. You’ll be glad you did.

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Karen Janowski said...

I wasn't at NECC but came across Joyce's gem on Wednesday (the power of web 2.0!) and mentioned it in my post. I can't imagine what it was like listening to her!!