Thursday, June 07, 2007

[TIPS] Google Earth gets SOUND

What could be better in Google Earth. It was just recently announced that it is getting street views of some of the major cities in the world. Now, THe Christian Science Monitor reports that it's getting SOUND, too. (Via the Kim Komando Daily News list)
To see what this is all about, go to: You'll have a choice to hear the sounds on Google Earth or Google Maps. I chose Google Maps this AM for time reasons, but I saw the map of the world with icons in various places. When I clicked an icon the note appeard and in the note was a play button to play the sounds associated with that area. The man behind this, Bernie Krause, says that a good portion of his sound files are from areas now extinct. (Take a moment to let THAT one settle a bit.)
This is HUGE for Google Earth, and I'll just bet it won't be the last of its kind to appear. Project this out ten years. We're already down to the street level in some places, and now we've got recorded sound from many areas. And, we've got links to live cameras. What next?
Is this fun or what? And for those of us over... well... over 40 :-P we can remember a time when the world was a big place. Now we're learning how small it truly is.

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