Monday, June 25, 2007

seemless integration of laptops

My mental notes from this session...

Howard Levine is Director of Technology (1999) at the Urban School of San Francisco.

His talk is about how how to make computers/laptops into schools. The first thing he said is that they are on block schedules. Having taught in a block schedule I would agree that the block schedule is THE WAY to go. That's another topic.

Used to say that the computer was just like pen and paper. Now he realizes that it isn't - at ALL. We'd agree, wouldn't we?

It's not about learning tech skills. It's about learning! It's about keeping organized, having communication, collecting and sharing information, and production. The production idea is a good one in that it's perfect for kids who can't write or speak well. Give them another means of presenting the information.


"chaos of the search vs search within chaos"

Not accurate to say that my school "can't afford it." What is the cost of each textbook?

change from "tech literacy" vs "life literacy"

Rent "Born into Brothels" - what happens when you give the tools to express themselves?

"Since I got my laptop I am..." (asking about organization)
about 50-50 on being more organized

Inspiration took off when the kids had their own machines. Kids loved it for organizing data for assignments.

His school doesn't lock down the machines at all!!!

Read that again - his school doesn't lock down the machines at all.

They use Macs. Machines get reimaged if they install something that messes up something else. Kids may install anything on their machines as long as it's legal and appropriate. (I LOVE IT!!)

ISpotMotion - for creating claymation

I would have REALLY liked more time for the examples at the end. Maybe too much time at the beginning. EXCELLENT examples. I want MORE!!

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