Wednesday, May 02, 2007

[TIPS] VERY cool browser trick

Now, when I say browser I mean Firefox. I don't know if this works in IE or not, but you can try it. This was posted here on the Make site: or

Want to have TWO sites open when you open firefox? As the article says, simple go into the Options and in the field where you have your start page listed, add the pipe symbol - | - the shifted BACKspace key (the REAL backspace, not the one in URL's that some folks mistakenly call the backslash*) and then your second URL.

Mine looks like this:|

They each open in their own tab. I think I'll see if I can add a third.. and a fourth... and... OK, I'm calm now. Check it out!

* Sometimes I'll gently inform the person that it's NOT a backslash it's a forward slash, or just a slash. Embarassed, they'll sometimes say, "Well, that's just what I call it." Depending on my relationship with the person I'll say (or think), "Why don't you call it a CHICKEN? It's not THAT, EITHER!" :-)

Oh, and BTW... save yourself the time and aggrevation. You NEVER have to type the http:// in your url. Your browser assumes that. I've seen folks who OWN a computer or software company carefully drag-select the www, etc part in a url to leave the http:// when they type a new url. Don't bother. Just type the url: and off it goes. And, while we're at it, got a url that begins with http://www. and ends with .com? Just type in the part in the middle and press CTRL-ENTER (command-enter on the macs) and the browser will put in all the other stuff. There are ways to get the computer to the w's and the .org, too, but that's not one I've bothered to remember.

Try it now. Click in your address field and select the url (if it's not already selected). Now just type: vivisimo and press CTRL-ENTER. If you don't want to type vivisimo, try another favorite .com site. Type google, or ebay, or something like that.

OK.. I'm done now. Try out that double url thing in your home page field in the Options.

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Karen Janowski said...

I have mine set to open six sites when I open Firefox. You can open as many as you like. Do you know the CTL + T trick in Firefox? It will open another window so that you don't have to close your other open sites. I use it constantly and have had up to 12 windows open just within Firefox. CTL + Tab takes you through your open tabs.
One of the things that I love about Firefox. And the beauty of it is a senior in High School showed me these tricks last fall. We have so much to learn from our kids!