Friday, May 11, 2007

[TIPS] scrapblog

Thanks to Kurt who heard it from Miguel who read it on TechCrunch... (Isn't this fun? :-)  )
Scrapblog is a newcomer to the web 2.0 tools arena and it's a VERY cool tool. It lets you build scrapbook-like pages with photos, movies,  text, links, and more on some excellent templates or on blank pages that you can customize. Then you can make it public, private or even embed it on your own web page. There's more to it, as well. If you're into these kinds of tools, you should check it out. There's even a sample on the TechCrunch page above.
Sure looks like another fun way to share pictures of your classes that you've been taking all year.


Miguel said...

It's a pretty awesome tool! It won't be long before everything is web-based. In fact, it would be nice to discuss how web-based apps are replacing traditional productivity tools!

Take care,

Miguel Guhlin
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Jim Gates said...

Kurt is one who has long said that he can just give his teachers a $500 laptop with a browser (and good supporting bandwidth) and they can do everything they need or want to do. The key, though, is bandwidth.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.