Wednesday, May 23, 2007

[TIPS] an interesting school library wiki

Here is an interesting wiki that a school librarian recently started with her students. Here is how she described the project to me in an email:

"I created a good book wiki with 3 classes in my middle school building. Many books have multiple reviews but so far we have almost 300 unique titles in. With one class, I have taken it to the next level. They have been spending time adding links to the author's website, podcast of an excerpt and for further reading suggestions. Check out "Great and Terrible Beauty" under "Fantasy". "

Won't this be a good resource for the kids as this grows? And, it's THEIR resource! Check it out. I can see the kids linking to all sorts of outside resources in some cases. What if they also recorded themselves reading a short passage and then posted that file to the wiki? What if they made a splashcast ( to a wiki page? What about adding a slideshare ( There are lots of cool things that I'll bet will show up in this wiki over time.

If you've got an idea for this project, why not add your thoughts in the comments on the blog post? This will be fun to watch over time.

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