Monday, April 23, 2007

What sites would YOU buy with $12 billion?

Over the weekend I read somewhere that Google is sitting on $12 BILLION from stock revenues. What do you do when you have that kind of money? It HAS to burn a hole in your pocket, right? You HAVE to buy stuff. We know that they've been busy buying sites already, and I'm sure we'll hear of more as time goes on. But here is MY idea of what they can do with some of it.

They want to own your desktop. That's no secret. They don't care who owns the operating system, but when you turn it on, they want to own what you do when you're using that computer. At home you can do lots of things that you can't do at school, and that's a HUGE frustration for so many of us. YouTube, is the perfect example. It doesn't matter how many EXCELLENT videos there are on that site, it's the few trashy ones that keep YouTube out of schools. That's why TeacherTube was created, right?

So, Google (or Yahoo or someone else with deep pockets) could start buying these
sites and making two versions. One for the masses, complete with whatever trash they feel compelled to put on there, and the other for Education where the trash is removed. There are so many GREAT web 2.0 sites that schools are blocking. Wouldn't it be FANTASTIC is we had our own versions?

I'm thinking of Flickr, Slide,, splashcastmedia, and even, for example. Wouldn't it be GREAT if Education had kid-friendly versions of these programs?

So, just for fun, what sites would YOU want to include in that pool? (Are you listening Yahoo? Google?)

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