Monday, April 23, 2007

[TIPS] views of the Earth

Would you pay $25 million to go on a space mission? Assuming you HAD $25 million to spare, that is. I would. In a heartbeat. And so would - rather so DID - a man recently, and his mission just returned to earth. His name's not important (because I don't want to look it up again). What IS important, or at least interesting, are the pictures of Earth images that the astronauts recently released. When you get to this page, click the link to the photo gallery. Make sure that you read the text with each one, too. (Sorry for the popups!)

I once read where one of the astronauts had a very difficult time adjusting to life back on Earth when he completed his mission. Why? His perspective on life was changed. After looking down on the entire planet, and seeing our corner of the solar system and getting a deep sense of the vastness of it all, his day to day problems seemed so trivial, and the horrors going on in the world seemed so senseless. Imagine seeing picture #6 in real time. Try to imagine it NOT taking your breath away.

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