Monday, April 30, 2007

[TIPS] video editing on the web!

Mac users will "ho-hum" this, but windows users will shout for joy. VERY rich video editing online. From Microsoft. But get this - it works in Firefox, too! And on the Macs!!

I learned about it here: - a techcrunch article. That artice does a VERY nice job explaining the site, so stop there first.

Then RUSH over to and click the Watch It button on the right side to watch movie that demonstrtes some of the power of this tool.

Make special note of his statements at the end f that video. You can get the code to embed this into a blog! Talk about power!!

Now, hurry on over there to see this stuff before it gets blocked!



Chris Champion said...

Is this just vaporware? I can't find a place to get "Top Banana"... only the portfolio from Metaliq. The video is SO cool I'm bummed that I can't get it NOW!! :-) (the video directs you to Microsoft's Silverlight development tools - which Metaliq used to write the video app - but I don't see where the "codename top banana" program is available...

Am I missing something? Please? I love the look and feel of the video editing app.

Jim Gates said...

Is it not this page: