Sunday, April 29, 2007

[TIPS] a tribute to VT from around the world

Karl Fisch pointed to this blog post, but for a different reason. I'd seen the other commercials on this page but I hadn't seen the top video on this page.

It's hard for me to imagine that people on the other side of this (ever-shrinking) planet could be touched by the news of the horror at Virginia Tech. But, that's exactly what happened. And who would you think would be most or least likely to plant 32 trees in honor of those killed? Russians? French? Iraquis? Iranians? Palestinians? Israelis? Watch this video. Does this show of support touch you as it did me?

As you're watching, note the armed soldiers watching the proceedings. We hold rallies and marches while side-armed police watch, but never with automatic rifles. I'm SO VERY thankful to be living in this country!


Karl Fisch said...

I thought about mentioning that video as well, but decided not to because I didn't want the blog to get too much into political waters (at least not those political waters). But I was hoping some folks would follow the link.

I, too, noticed the weapons - and the sad irony in relation to VT.

otowi said...

I think it must take a lot of courage to protest in the face of real threat of death from armed soldiers. Wow.